Up-Close Counsel: IP lawyers who are so close to your business, they’re almost in it


Many businesses need regular access to IP lawyers, but are caught between two stools. They find paying for ad hoc advice on an hourly basis doesn’t suit them, but they can’t justify the expense of employing a full-time in-house lawyer. For some, engaging a part-time in-house lawyer is an option, but what happens if the work needs to be done on days when that lawyer isn’t working? What happens when the lawyer is on holiday? How do you scale up or scale down quickly to meet changing needs? How do you secure all of the resources that your lawyer needs to do their job, including access to legal research tools and precedents? At Epiphany Law®, our solution is to provide you with options that fall between the traditional alternatives of acting as ‘External Lawyers’ and ‘In-house Counsel’. We call it being your ‘Up Close Counsel’.

How it works is really up to you: it can be as simple as having someone on call at the other end of the phone, having someone attend important meetings, or working in your offices on a regular basis at a tailor-made fee based on your specific needs.

Our ‘Up Close Counsel’ services include:

  • Being available on a retainer to provide advice on an ‘as needed’ basis
  • Attending board or senior management meetings periodically
  • Embedding staff within your teams on a regular or semi-regular basis
  • Operating IP advice hotlines for industry organisations
Dealing with Epiphany Law is an experience in true professionalism. Excellent, clear communication and solid competencies make every touchpoint a pleasure. We would have no hesitation in recommending David Kwei to anyone requiring legal services in the area of intellectual property.
— André Büchner, Director, Trans Tank International