Epiphany Law® is an IP law firm based in Melbourne, Australia that was originally established as Magnum IP. Our core practice is in trademarks and domain names, copyright and registered designs. We’re about providing more than just practical advice and commercial solutions: we work to empower our clients so that they can learn to manage their IP proactively and to become effective IP leaders.


We are former top-tier law firm professionals who have come together with a shared passion for IP – and for delivering a more flexible and proactive service to our clients.

An epiphany is a ‘sudden and striking realisation’. We love using our hard-earned experience and knowledge of IP law to help our clients realise the potential of their own insights and innovations.  Our own epiphany came when we realised that we could work in ways that empower the people we work with: our clients, service providers and staff.

IP and IT Law is our bread and butter
EPIPHANY LAW was founded by experienced IP lawyers, and as a firm we stay focused on what we’re good at.  This means that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your crucial assets are being handled by lawyers who have dealt in this complex area for many years on a daily basis.

Our fees are transparent and fair
We’re committed to being transparent with our fees and charges. Unless you agree otherwise, we work by sending you a fixed fee quotation, doing the work and then sending an invoice to you that matches the agreed fees. If you need to change the scope of our work, then we provide you with a revised quotation and will proceed if you agree to that. Our invoices match our quotations. It’s that simple.

Relationships are important to us
We’ve built our business over many years based on the strong relationships we’ve formed. Business relationships can develop if there’s a shared focus on the long-term, and if there’s time and space for the partners to learn about each others’ circumstances, needs and working styles. We enjoy interacting at this level for its own sake, but we also know that we gain valuable insights which help us to improve the quality of our advice.

In everything we do, we focus on the following:

  • Being human in the sense that we’re open, approachable, personable and easily understandable

  • Being contemporary and innovative so that we’re free to move beyond the constraints of traditional law firm business models
  • Being mindful and considered so that we’re completely intentional about everything that we do


Our overriding goal is to empower. We believe in finding ways to empower our clients and team daily. To keep us on track we have developed the following process:



For us, how we work with clients is as important as what we do.  The traditional law firm model involves clients working on the lawyers’ terms: lawyers do the work, tell the clients what’s needed (often in legalese) and then charge fees that are only determined after the fact. 

An empowering service model turns this approach on its head.  First, we charge almost exclusively based on fixed fee quotations which are agreed before the work begins.  We see our clients as experts in their organisations and industries who have perspectives and insights that make them valued contributors to the legal strategy.  By working collaboratively, we naturally impart skills and build competence that our clients can use well after particular matters are over and – in doing so – help them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Epiphany Law helped resolve our case quickly, professionally and efficiently. The result couldn’t have been better. Within weeks the entire dispute was behind us and we were back on track, with minimum interruption. … I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Epiphany Law to anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament.
— Marc Edwards, Director, Bjango
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