IP Disputes Resolution: Empowering you to act in trying times


IP is valuable, and when two or more people want to use the same IP, conflict inevitably results. Our approach to these situations is simple.  First, we spend time learning about your objectives.  For most people, this usually starts with something like ‘I want to stop them using my IP’ or ‘I want to keep using my IP’ but often other alternatives emerge when we work through the various scenarios together, discussing probabilities, costs and returns. When our clients make their choices, they do so fully informed, and with a clear picture of the costs involved. It then becomes our responsibility to do our utmost to help them to get the results they need within the bounds of the law and within ethical limits. Conflict is stressful, but with us you will feel that you have someone who goes in to bat for you and who genuinely cares about what happens.

Our IP dispute resolution solutions include:

  • Assessing cases and advising on prospects of success
  • Sending and responding to ‘cease and desist’ letters
  • Handling notices of objections and takedown notices
  • Negotiating settlements and compromises
  • Representing clients in mediations and arbitrations
  • Opposing the registration of trade marks by others, or defending your trade marks against others
  • Filing and defending complaints in relation to domain names
  • Commencing and defending court actions

Epiphany Law’s thorough and impeccably communicated advice was instrumental in successfully navigating a very delicate situation that had profound implications for our business. My confidence in the advice and the sense that they genuinely cared about the outcome was key to getting through a period of great stress and resulted in an outcome that meant our business was able to continue to thrive.
— Bradley Posselt, Director, Large Arts