IP Clearances: Ensuring the road ahead is clear


Launching a new business, product or service is always an exciting time with new possibilities. What are you creating? How will you deliver it? What will you call it? While these questions are fundamental, it’s important to consider potential risks as well – especially if those risks could easily be avoided. The worst case scenario is to launch a product or business only to receive a cease and desist letter which requires you to withdraw from the market, or to change a fundamental aspect that’s crucial to your success.

Our IP clearance solutions include searching and advising on your proposed use of IP in Australia and abroad.  They include:

  • Trademarks
  • Registered designs
  • Copyright
  • Confidential information

Epiphany Law helped us navigate a nuanced trademark matter with an empathy and understanding for our business priorities that we so rarely see from law firms. Supported by a proactive attention to detail, responsiveness and reliability on challenging timelines and a pricing structure we could trust, we felt very fortunate to have found Epiphany Law.
— Mario Hasanakos, Founder, Spriggy