IP and IT agreements that do more than just get the job done


Every deal is unique.  Every client’s approach is different. What are you looking to achieve in yours? How do you want to get there? For us, answering these questions is where we start our engagement. It’s likely that we’ve worked on similar contracts multiple times before, but being able to pinpoint how your needs and expectations are different from all those ones in the past is crucial. Once we’ve done this, and we’ve articulated this to your satisfaction, we then work collaboratively with you. While we advise and help you to negotiate, we remember that you also have expertise on the transaction. If the agreement we’ve drafted is a ‘standard form’ document that is designed to be re-used in your business, then we see an essential part of our service as being to follow up with you to see whether you’re tailoring it to individual projects properly, and if it’s meeting your ongoing needs.

We draft and advise on the following types of IP and IT agreements:

  •  IP licence agreements – agreements to enable the use of IP including patents, copyright and trade marks by third parties
  •  IP assignment agreements – agreements for the sale or transfer of IP between parties
  •  Standard form agreements for businesses such as graphic design agreements, copywriting agreements and product supply agreements
  • Software agreements, including software development agreements (SDAs), maintenance software agreements and end user licence agreements (EULAs)
  • Website hosting/co-location and other forms of service level agreements
  • Telecommunications contracts
  •  Manufacturing and distribution agreements
  •  Confidentiality agreements

… [their] after-service follow-ups … are not designed to acquire more work, but to keep an interest in progress.
— Alex Frazer, CEO, EPIC ITB