Copyright: Securing, granting and defending rights to use text, images, video and sound


You may not realise it, but copyright protects nearly everything original that you type, write, draw or record.  It protects a wide range of creations such as books, blogs, training manuals, screenplays musical scores, designs of physical objects and structures, software programs, paintings and even sculptures.  As such, copyright is by far the most common form of IP, and understanding how to utilise it is crucial to any business operating in the information economy.

Our copyright services include:

  • Advising on ownership and subsistence of copyright (i.e. does it exist, and if so, who owns it?)
  • Drafting agreements for the creation of copyrighted works, including software development agreements, and contracts for graphic designers, photographers and copywriters
  • Drafting copyright assignments/transfers
  • Drafting licences to use copyright, including software licences and licences for the use of musical and visual works
  • Applying for copyright protection overseas
  • Defending and enforcing copyright in court
One problem with quotes on the Internet is that you never know whether or not they’re genuine.
— William Shakespeare, Playwright
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